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The Effect of Internal Marketing on Organizational Commitment from Market-Orientation Viewpoint in Hotel Industry in Iran

by : Mehdi Abzari
Published : International Journal of Marketing Studies Vol. 3, No. 1; February 2011

Purpose of the present study is to recognize how internal marketing affects organizational commitment. In this research we have used a questionnaire with thirty questions in order to study a one hundred sample of hotel managers and administrators in Isfahan province. In this regard, a model has been designed to show the effect of internal marketing on organizational commitment based on research literature which is tested by means of LISREL software. According to the obtained results of the questionnaire's data analysis, it has been determined that internal marketing affects organizational commitment directly and indirectly through market orientation. It means that factors of internal marketing influence market orientation directly and then market orientation affects organizational commitment. Effects of these factors are significant on organizational commitment directly.
Amount of goodness indexes (AGFI= 0.96, GFI= 0.99) shows suitability of the model.
Keywords: Internal marketing, Market orientation, Organizational commitment, Hotel industry

1. Introduction
Tourism industry market is rapidly developing, so that this industry has been transformed to one of the biggest fields of business in the world. Active managers in this industry should provide the possibility of utilization of prospective opportunities for themselves with their intelligence and enhance their organizational performance.
This industry has characteristics that are different from other businesses for many reasons and such differences impress the manner of the corporate management seriously. Successful organizations in this industry draw their attention to customers and employees (both of them). They understand chain (profit and service) and this chain is such that connects the organization's profit with customer's satisfaction and consent and especially with employees (James & Thomas, 2000).
In service section especially tourism, employees facilitate execution of strategies of the organization and its superior performance through effective interaction with customers (Brown and Maven, 2005).
Therefore, we should seek the solution for securing of the organization's superior performance in successful role-creation of human sources. In order to achieve organization purposes in this section, we should ......................... . (baca_selengkapnya )

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