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The Effect of Internal Marketing on Organizational Commitment in Iranian Banks

by : Atousa Farzad, Nasim Nahavandi, Albert Caruana
Published : American Journal of Applied Sciences 5 (11): 1480-1486, 2008
ISSN 1546-9239

The purpose of this research is to investigate the effects of internal marketing criteria on organizational commitment of employees among Iranian state-owned banks. Internal marketing is a planned effort using a marketing-like approach to overcome organizational resistance to change and to align, motivate and inter-functionally co-ordinate and integrate employees towards the effective implementation of corporate and functional strategies which is growing recognition with the increasing competition and commoditization of products and services. The main criteria of internal marketing were derived from the literature, provided the backbone for the study. A questionnaire survey of managers established that “inter-functional coordination and integration”, training and motivation have positive effects on organizational commitment of employees. Therefore if the state-owned banks want to ultimately provide a better service experience for their customers; it is recommended that more attention be directed toward enhancing organizational commitment among personnel, with a focus on the effective criteria of internal marketing. Due to the lack of similar experience, the research findings help managers in state-owned banks network to adopt proper policies in this direction. 

Keywords: Internal marketing, organizational commitment, bank, employee, manager

The shift toward recognizing the importance of human capital in the industrial age has led companies to change their paradigms about people management.
Successful companies no longer see employees as a resource whose primary function is to provide goods and services. Instead employees are seen as critical to the capability of service organizations.
Internal marketing is treating both employees and customers with equal importance through proactive programs in order to achieve organizational objectives[1]. Payne suggests that the key aims of internal marketing are the development of internal and external customer awareness and the removal of  functional barriers to achieving organizational effectiveness[2]. Lack of commitment from employees can be harmful to an organization, resulting in poorer performance arising from inferior service offerings and higher costs[3]. The resultant positive effect of internal marketing . . . . .

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